With the aim of supporting the students, Profession Focus has come up with Employability and Competency Augmentation Program (ECAP). Working in partnerships with many of the dental surgeries and other agencies, Profession Focus can guide the students in right direction, so that they can be on par with experienced dental nurses to become competent and secure employment within no time. Our team is exclusively trained to meet training needs of the students. This team will scrutinize the CVs of the students and help them to find appropriate work placements. Our duty is not just finished in guiding the students to get work placements, we also have continuous follow-up of the student's performance at the work place by liaising with their employers. This enables Profession Focus to finding out the weakness of the students, giving them the feedbacks and training them to overcome their weaknesses. Hence forth by the time they appear for the examination they are competent in accordance with the GDC's standards enough to safe guard the public while delivering their services in the dental surgeries.

Profession Focus gives utmost priority for delivering the pastoral services to the students. The academic co-ordinator and the lecturer, monitored by quality assurance manager, form the key members for pastoral services. The pastoral service members are always available to the students. These services help in identifying the initial problems and providing additional support to the students to avoid any further complications. The students are encouraged to participate in the pastoral services meetings to raise their concerns. One-to-one sessions and counselling are given to the students by the pastoral team members.