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Hellooo..... Edinburgh!!!!

The feedbacks and requests from many of ORE and LDS 2 colleagues made us to consider and arrange ORE/LDS2 COURSES closer to all of you in Scotland.

The course will be delivered by Dr Aditya Dubagunta. This is a 5 days comprehensive courseudents became registered dental nurses through Profession Focus and became a part of their successful career and life.

Below are the course highlights
  • In depth discussions on DTPs
  • Small groups make classes more interactive and person-centred
  • Discussions Evidenced Based Dentistry
  • More than 100 common clinical scenarios with photographs discussed
  • Updates on latest publications
  • Making to practice on history taking and contemporaneous notes with confidence
  • Enhancing your communication skills to avoid any jargon
  • More hands on practice of skilled.OSCES
  • All necessary props (Oxygen cylinder, Anne family, emergency drugs)
  • You walk out of the sessions with confidence clearing off any doubts and confusions
  • Last is dedicated for Mock Skilled OSCES and ME
  • Support on whatsapp till your first attempt (subject to availability)
  • More information on Skilled.OSCES and DTP