Student Support and Charter

Profession Focus is committed to excellence. You can nurture your career with the help of an intellectually rigorous environment supported by a dedicated student services. It is dedicated to provide continuously a high quality intellectually stimulating academic ambience. The students are provided with accurate and consistent information about the course curriculum, work placement, assessment pattern. Enough resources will be provided to the students to enhance their self learning.

Students are given enough information on the induction day. On the same day, the students get an opportunity to meet their mentor. This also allows Profession Focus to understand the initial academic needs of the students, which in turn helps the mentor as well as the organisation to provide a compassionate service to the students. Profession Focus works collaboratively with the student services wing. The student services wing always encourages the students to raise their voice about any issues pertaining to the Profession Focus. This in turn helps us to provide better service to the students.

Being a student is at times stressful. Most of the students may be worried about their studies, employment, financial status, being far away from their families. In order to alleviate these stresses and make their learning experience to be peaceful Profession Focus has launched various strategies which are mentioned as below