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Certificate in Dental Radiography

Certificate in Dental Radiography is a nationally recognised qualification and allows registered
dental nurses to take good diagnostic radiographs on prescription

Record of competence (ROC)

The course requires candidate to complete a log book called Record of Competence (ROC), which contains four parts

Part A:
Practical Competence Assessment Sheets (PCAS)
Part B:
Expanded case studies
Part C:
Directly Observed Clinical Skills assessment (DOCS)
Part D:
Supplementary Outcomes
Minimum 50 radiographs must be included with appropriate Quality Assurance scoring under witness guidance Three patients must be chosen Witness must ob serve the skills on site for the following CPDs
10 DPTs/OPGs 1 OPG 2 casting models Information on other types of radiographs (oblique lateral mandible radiographs, PA bisecting angle, Cephalographs)
10 Pairs of Bitewings (BW) 1 BW 4 Oral health and care of an appliance Other legal issues
20 Periapical (PA)radiographs using paralleling techniques 1 PA paralleling technique 5 (intra-ral and 5 extra-oral) Orthodontic Clinical Photographs ........
2 periapical radiographs using bisecting angle techniques ........ ........ ........
2 Cephalometric radiographs (not necessarily on patients) ........ ........ ........
2 occlusal views (can on models not necessarily on patients) ........ ........ ........
4 any other types ........ ........ ........
Full guidance and feedback will be provided to the students in the class room.

It is a written examination only. The candidates would require to finish the exam in 90 min which consists of 75 questions (45 Multiple Choice Questions & 30 Extended Matching Questions)

As of now it is £175 and ROC fee is £ 20 not included in the course fee

NEBDN charges a deferral fee of £ 35 PFocus assesses individual cases separately and is subject to deferral fee at the discretion of the admission department. Having said that we provide pastoral services for each student and will be supported where necessary.